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Everything You Need To Know About A Vasectomy

Maybe it’s time for you to go under the knife?

Everything You Need To Know About A Vasectomy

Everything You Need To Know About A Vasectomy

Everything You Need To Know About A Vasectomy

What is a vasectomy?

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For the uninitiated, a vasectomy is a process involving the cutting of the vas deferens (the tube that carries sperm from the testicles to the penis) in a surgical process. Although it could come as a surprise to some people, vasectomy is a relatively common practice.

According to a study, one in five men over the age of 35 has had a vasectomy done. Tube ligation is the female equivalent of vasectomy and is the process of tying together the female’s tubes for sterilization.

The Procedure

Vasectomy is a rather simple procedure and it usually takes 10-15 minutes using local anesthesia (you remain awake). In the procedure, the doctor makes a small cut into the scrotum and pulls out the vas deferens, cuts it, and then seals it before closing up the incision area.

Everything You Need To Know About A Vasectomy

There are two ways of performing vasectomy and every doctor has his preference. In the first procedure, the tube is cut (like an action movie hero snips the red wire on a ticking bomb) and the incision area is sealed – as simple as that. The second method is more common where the tube is snipped, a part of it is removed and then the two opens ends are cauterized.

The second method is more reliable as the chances of the tube reconnecting after a few years are non-existent. After the procedure, you might see some swelling or soreness in your manhood, but nothing a few painkillers and a frozen pea bag can’t fix. You should be back to work within 24-hours of undergoing the procedure.

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But why would someone get a vasectomy?

Glad you asked. Even if you didn’t, we would have told you anyway. There are two main reasons why men let the knife near their balls.


#1 The couple doesn’t want more babies

Not wanting to expand their families is one of the most common reasons why vasectomy is so common amongst men. But why do the men have to make all the sacrifices, why can’t women get their tubes tied, you ask? We’ll get to this shortly.

#2 Medical Complication

Sometimes during pregnancy, women can face complications that can put her life at risk if she was to get pregnant again. And not everyone is interested in putting together a football team, so most of the couples decide to get a vasectomy.

Since the female can face severe complications in such a case, it would be unwise to make her go through tube ligation, and this is one of the reasons why men get a vasectomy. Although female sterilization is more common that vasectomy, it has some drawbacks.

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The female sterilization is done using general anesthesia – so the girl is knocked out. Tube ligation is more invasive and time-consuming, has a longer recovery time, and carries more significant risks like the chance of damage to her bladder or bowel.

One of the biggest factors behind the growth in vasectomy is the cost difference between male and female sterilization. While a vasectomy procedure usually costs under $2,000, tube ligation generally costs between $5,000 to $8,000.

Before You Get A Vasectomy, You Should Know These Things

Don’t Jump The Gun

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Even though vasectomy is safe and it works 99% of the time, you should still follow a back-up birth control method for at least three months after the procedure or you might risk pregnancy. According to some doctors, men should ejaculate at least 20 times after vasectomy to make sure the ducts are completely emptied of semen.

Most doctors have their patients come back after 8 to 12 weeks after the procedure to check their sperm count. If you do go for a vasectomy, it’s best to consult your doctor before you engage in unprotected sex. Imagine the pain of seeing a pregnancy after getting a vasectomy. The person in this situation gets his testes snipped for nothing.

It Doesn’t Kill Your Testosterone Levels

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Some men (especially the ones into fitness and bodybuilding) worry getting a vasectomy can negatively affect their test levels. Contrary to popular belief, undergoing the procedure won’t affect your virility.

There is virtually no change in your sexual desire, drive or semen output after undergoing a vasectomy. Your testes will be producing sperm at the same rate, the only difference would be that you won’t be releasing any of it during intercourse. This is good news if you or your partner hate the mess after your eleven minutes of fun.

You Can Almost Get It For Free

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Insurance companies love it when men tell them they want to shut their baby producing factories. They love it so much that they’re almost always willing to pay for it. Reason? Because having customers with fewer dependents reduces their liability.

A vasectomy procedure can cost around $2,000, and the only time people have to pay for it out of their pocket is when they haven’t already met their annual deductible. There is a catch though, but we’ll save it for later.

Vasectomy is Reversible

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Many people are comfortable undergoing the procedure because it’s reversible. At any point in the future, if you feel like expanding your family, you can get your vasectomy reversed. Almost 10% of men opt to reverse their vasectomies.

As you can imagine, there is a difference between something brand new and something which is fixed. But why would anyone get their vasectomy reversed, you ask? God, you ask so many questions.

Remarriage, the loss of a child, or, in rare cases, a residual testicular pain can cause the men to undergo a reversal procedure. The reversal procedure involves sewing the severed ends of the vas deferens back together and has the same recovery time as a vasectomy.

The Catch

You thought we forgot, didn’t you? The catch involves money and efficiency. While the insurance companies are more than willing to pay to put you under the knife, they don’t cover the vasectomy reversal surgery.

You and your partner should be 100% sure if you want to get a vasectomy. A change in hearts afterward can cost you up to $10,000. On top of the $10,000, the vasectomy reversal procedures have an 80-90% success rate which is nowhere close to a guaranteed success.

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