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The Best Resistance Bands Money Can Buy

The only resistance bands you should get your hands on


The Best Resistance Bands Money Can Buy

The resistance bands are one of the most versatile gym equipment. They’re lightweight, and easy to carry in a bag. You can store them in a small place at your home, carry them with you to your gym or on vacation. Having resistance bands ensure that you can get a workout in when and wherever you want.

You can use the resistance bands as a standalone training gear or pair them up with your resistance training exercises to amp-up the results. Resistance bands are especially great for people with injuries or the people who’re recovering from one.

The Best Resistance Bands Money Can Buy 1

The resistance bands come in all shapes and sizes, and some work better in certain ways than others. You can push your boundaries with the resistance bands without worrying about putting yourself in harm’s way.

While assisted pull-ups, bicep curls, and tricep extensions are some of the common exercises done using the resistance bands, you can train almost every body part and work on your flexibility, range of motion, and endurance using the gear.

Resistance bands are the friends you’ve always wanted. They’ll push you to be flexible, will work with you on your weaknesses, and will always be there when you need them. If you don’t already have a best friend like this, we’ll help you find one.

The Best Resistance Bands On The Market

Black Mountains Products Resistance Band Set

The Best Resistance Bands Money Can Buy

If you’re someone who likes working out at home, this is the resistance band for you. You could do all sorts of exercises with these bands ranging from warm-up stretching to heavy resistance chest flyes.

The BMP resistance band set comes with a door anchor, D-handles, ankle straps, exercise chart, and a carry case. You get five different bands with resistance varying from 2-30 lbs. These resistance bands can come in handy whenever you want a quick pump.


  • Metal hooks add durability to the bands
  • Can be stacked together for modifying resistance
  • Widely reviewed – positively – on Amazon


  • Relatively heavier than most resistance band sets

SPRI Braided Resistance Bands

braided resistance bands

Many resistance bands on the market are made of cheap materials and can break and cause injury during use. If you’ve been in the fitness game for some time, you might have seen videos of people punching themselves in the face when the resistance band breaks while they’re performing the bicep curls. The SPRI braided bands can help avoid that from happening to you.

Unlike the other bands on the list, these bands aren’t bundled with lighter resistance variants, and you might need to build-up strength before being able to use them optimally. The SPRI bands that we recommend (medium) come with a 45lb resistance. You could also opt for the hard bands which take the resistance to 55lbs.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • No 2 or below customer rating on Amazon


  • Not suitable for beginners who might need bands with lesser resistance
  • Limits exercise variations if you want to take them along when you’re traveling

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

resistance bands

You can’t talk about resistance bands and leave out loop resistance bands. Although the loop bands can be used for a variety of exercises, they are the best resistance bands money can buy for booty building. The Fit Simplify bands come with an exercise guide that can help you make the most of the equipment.

These bands are the most popular resistance loops on Amazon with over 11,500 reviews. You could also take your workouts to the next level by adding these loop bands to the machine exercises. Using the bands with the machines will add the maximum resistance to the top of the movement and will take off all the added tension at the bottom.

The Fit Simplify resistance bands are made of eco-friendly latex and come in five different strengths ranging from extra light to extra heavy. The bands are color-coded for easy designation and come with a carry bag.


  • Five different resistance strength
  • Durable material


  • Doesn’t have handlebars

Gradient Fitness Stretching Strap

multi grip bands

The gradient fitness stretching strap is the ultimate tool for someone who has stiff muscles. If you’re someone who wakes up with tightness in the muscles or has longer recovery times, you should make the fitness stretching strap a part of your routine.

The gradient fitness strap is long, wide, comfortable, and durable which is the ideal combination for athletes. The strap can help you stretch out your muscles which can in-turn improve your muscle elasticity and range of motion.

Using the strap eliminates the need of having a partner to help you force-stretch. The gradient stretching strap has 12 independent loops running through the length of the band which can be chosen as per your muscle elasticity.


  • One band does the work of many
  • Durable material
  • Force can be applied as required


  • One level of resistance

Fit Viva Resistance Band Loops With Core Sliders

core sliders

The floor movements can be some of the most potent exercises when it comes to core strength building. The core sliders engage your lower and/or upper body in a way only a few other pieces of equipment can.

Fit Viva has come out with a combo of core sliders and band loops which means you can do a complete workout no matter where you are. You can do a brutal anaerobic training session in the comforts of your bedroom or living room.

The product includes three resistance bands of different strengths which are broad and thick that can provide you with ample grip. Whether you’re into CrossFit, yoga, stretching, weight training or endurance, you can do your thing with the Fit Viva resistance band loops and core sliders.


  • A complete package for your upper and lower body training
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Slider work on carpet or wooden floors


  • Limited strength options in the resistance loops

Final Thought

These are the best resistance bands money can buy. But before you go out of the door with money in your hands, your priority should be to figure out what you want out of the bands. If your goal is to work on your flexibility and mobility, you should go for the Gradient Fitness Stretching Strap or similar products. And, if you want to do anaerobic workouts, the Fit Viva resistance loop bands and core slider will be the right fit for you.

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